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(609) 992-0066

John A. Mulhern Song Writing Workshops

John A. Mulhern is a Danny DeGennaro Foundation Board Member

DDF board member John Mulhern of JAM productions has been producing and writing songs all of his adult life. He is now offering 2 day workshops explaining unique techniques and tools he is using to write hit songs. He has surrounded himself with veteran songwriters as part of a team that will be part of this network. These workshops are a continuing testament to what the Danny DeGennaro Foundation is doing to help musicians.

Danny DeGennaro Foundation New Direction

The Danny DeGennaro Foundation was established in2014 and is committed to assisting musicians and artist thru mentoring And scholarships. We have raised over Forty- five thousand dollars to create 3 endowments at Bucks County Community College. Which means every year three individuals are awarded an opportunity to further their scholastic creativity. In addition to this we have recorded and mentored 100s of performers and recorded over 40 songs and created 50 videos with Our talented performers and artist. We have been recognized by several Bucks County Organizations for our efforts to make The community a better place. This past December congressman Fitzpatrick delivered us a citation for our outstanding work in the community.

senate recognition of Danny DeGennaro Foundation contribution to society

WE have decided to enter a new direction by creating songs with our talent, we will do this by enlisting our skilled song writers and utilizing 20 century techniques that are be used by the likes of John Legend/ Bruno Mars and many more. Thru our network of recording studios and videotographer’s We will record and release original songs. DDF has created a record label under our banner on CD Baby which aligns perfectly with our mission. Thru our CD Baby platform we can release individual songs and videos to be distributed across social media streaming channels like spotify. Amazon and Ytube All moneys derived from these channels is forwarded on to the artist. We continue establish new ways thru CD baby to usher in the artist to the most relevant information To further their careers. We will share this process we have learned and continue to navigate. This will include booking live performances, copyrighting, and releasing songs. With all of this being said Our new direction is to establish great songs , Record them, Release Them , Promote Them, Our Goal is One song a month in 2020 Thank you for being part of our song writing workshop.